Is back training really essential?

L'entraînement du dos, c'est si essentiel que ça?

Training your back is far from being just a question of aesthetics! 

By training your back the right way, you promote the proper mechanical functioning of your entire body! The benefits are so many that if you don't train your back enough or train it, but not in the right way, you risk damaging your health!

Training your back helps your posture; with good workouts, you can adjust your posture to reduce your back pain or neck pain related to the use of your cell phone!

In addition, the back contributes to the health of your spine FULL! This means that when you train your back, you also train all the 24 small vertebrae that are in your spine, and which help you to posture in the best possible way!

But we won't hide it ... A well trained back is also beautiful!

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