The famous sugar!

Le fameux sucre!

Did you know that sugar is a major cause of obesity?

When you eat sugary foods, your brain's system "rewards" with dopamine, a substance released by neurons that signals a positive event. Nowadays, food contains more and more sugars. In addition, with too much sugar consumption comes the risk of type 2 diabetes, which can also lead to obesity.

Plus, sugar takes a toll on your heart, so your cardiovascular health can actually take a hit! It is therefore important to limit foods high in sugars, since cardiovascular disease can result much more quickly.

If you want to add flavour to your food or drink, try adding natural-source sweeteners like stevia. Stevia is a plant sweetener with a sweetening power 100 to 300 times greater than traditional sugar!

 So the answer is simple: control your sugar cravings for better health, or choose natural sweeteners!


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